Moving Meditation

Mindfulness and tai chi

What has strengthened my mindfulness over the years has been my Tai Chi practice. A valuable practice to support emotional intelligence growth

James Godwin

3 minute read

mindfulness and tai chi

I’ve found mindfulness and Tai Chi to be perfectly joined to boost mindfulness training. In our Tai Chi training we are often told to be mindful. So what is mindfulness, and why is it important to our practice of Tai Chi Chuan. Mindfulness is being aware, in the moment, being present in what you are doing and where you are at that moment.

This ancient martial art can fight disease, calm the mind and slow ageing

Learning the art of Tai Chi can help you calm the mind. A valuable skill to support emotional intelligence growth. Meditation is the foundation to EQ training

James Godwin

5 minute read

this ancient martial art can fight disease, calm the mind and slow ageing

Americans have no difficulty adopting ancient practices into their health regimens. Take yoga, the ancient mind-body practice and contemporary fitness craze (and $27 billion industry), which continues its prominence in the mainstream — even after decades of increasing popularity. Many forms of meditation, likewise, have been touted for stress-relieving, health-promoting benefits by prominent leaders in business, media and the arts. And then there’s tai chi.