James Godwin

2 minute read

when meditating imagine you are a majestic mountain

A wonderful example when meditating is to imagine you are a majestic mountain. The mountain signifies stability in your meditation posture and is important. You just sit, quiet and still like a mountain. Whatever occurs – thoughts, sounds, feelings, and sensations that come and go, are just clouds drifting by. And as a mountain is not moved or disturbed by clouds, you don’t grab hold of anything. You don’t identify with anything. You don’t label anything. You don’t say anything about what appears or disappears. You are simply fully present as a mountain.

I was fortunate enough to have started Tai Chi a moving meditation at a very early age. Practising Tai Chi for over 25 years has allowed me to build a solid foundation to support the most important aspect of EQ development, which is attention training.

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