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tai chi is ideal to begin learning attention training

Tai Chi Moving Meditation

Posted by Slanted Flying in Training  I’ve found mindfulness and Tai Chi to be perfectly joined to boost mindfulness training. In our Tai Chi training we are often told to be mindful. So what is mindfulness,…

corporations' newest productivity hack: meditation

corporations’ newest productivity hack: meditation

Originally found this article at The Atlantic which highlights that for outstanding leadership one requires strong emotional intelligence and Corporations’ newest Productivity Hack: Meditation proves it’s value. Target, Google, and Ford have started teaching employees…

Best leaders follow

Best leaders follow

Leadership is actually service in disguise. For leader to be in service they would need to have strong emotional intelligence. EQ is trainable, even in adults. I saw this article which highlights why I think…

Emotional intelligence mindfulness meditation courses

Emotional Intelligence Training

History – How the course began It started with colleagues joining me for Tai Chi practice. This lead me to explore the benefits of meditation which is exactly what you are doing as you calmly move…

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