How Engineering Bosses Can Boost Employees’ Emotional Intelligence

To read the original post head over to Yes, cognitive intelligence is pretty useful. It helps people solve problems easily, enables their critical thinking to analyze a project more,

11 Benefits Of Yoga That Will Have You Wondering Why You Never Tried It Before

I’ve been doing Tai Chi for years and I’ve benefited greatly from all aspects of it. But I would also highly recommend the benefits of Yoga as it is an

The 1 Emotional Intelligence Skill You Need to Be Hugely Successful

I saw this article on and it is so true. The 1 Emotional Intelligence Skill You Need to Be Hugely Successful Think about a work scenario in your past when

Tap into the Emotion of Teams for more effective business results

The reason I built the Just Being course at Jumo was for this exact reason. Tap into the Emotion of Teams for more effective business results can only be done

Slow Down to Get Ahead

This is so true and thought I would share this Blog post from Mistakes can be costly, and can trap you in a cycle of having to rush even

I’ve been practicing Tai Chi for over 25 years and it has been an integral part of my mindfulness practice. Yoga like Tai Chi share many of the same benefits.

11 Signs That You Lack Emotional Intelligence

This was such a good read that I needed to share. This is why the Just Being Emotional Intelligence course is so valuable. You can follow the original article here.

How To Bring Mindfulness Into Your Employee Wellness Program

At Just Being we have a course that can bring Mindfulness into your employee wellness program. Plus employees get to boost their emotional intelligence. You have probably heard the term

Mindfulness and the Brain and How to Explain It to Children

I explain this so often to adults that when I came across this article on how to explain it to children I thought I must share. The original post can be found

What Compassion Looks Like

What Compassion Looks Like was a post I found at Thought I would share. Can you tell who is compassionate just by looking at them? According to research, yes.

Best Leaders Follow

I saw this article which highlights why I think “The Best Leaders Follow”. I think the title of a CEO should be “Chief Emotional Officer” It seems that nearly everyone and

How to Train the Compassionate Brain

A new study finds that training in compassion makes us more altruistic. How to train the compassionate brain was an article from The first time I ever tried a loving-kindness

Ways to Bring Mindfulness into Your Day

The original post I read at Everything Mindfulness. Thought I would share. While mindfulness may make us think of long sessions of seated meditation, it is also something that can

You Will Be Amazed To Know How Meditation Affects Mind And Body

You will be amazed to know how meditation affects mind and body. Below is a small list of the effects meditation has. Science is discovering more everyday. How Meditation Affects

Why Emotionally Intelligent People Are More Successful

Thought I would share this post I found at FactCompany written by Harvey Deutschendorf that shows why emotionally intelligent people are more successful. Research shows that people with strong emotional intelligence are more likely

Mindfulness Changes The Way Our Brains React to Sadness

Another great post that I found on relating to how mindfulness changes the way our brains react to sadness. Almost every guide to happiness wether it’s a self-help book or